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Use data from Google Drive in static websites

Sometimes you work with a client that just have some simple content that needs to be updated; like a news feed/some list/table-data, maybe already created in a Google Spreadsheet. What if you could use that data on a Jekyll website? Well, of course you can. Let's do this.

Instant Jekyll Search

In this walkthrough I will show you how to make an simple but fast and instant search for your website. I will be using just Vanilla JavaScript with some ES6.

The Stripe Bot

In this post, I will walk through the steps for building the website, accepting payments via Stripe Checkout, the best payment flow, on web and mobile.

🎯 You need an emoji strategy

Does your company or brand have an emoji strategy? Sounds like a goofy question, but it is relevant, since most of us use emojis in our daily communication; in texts, on Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook and in email.

Emojis, Laravel and MySQL 🤔🦄👍

If you are getting "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect string value" error when trying to insert a Emoji into your MySQL database with Laravel. Here's the solution!

Chunk data in Laravel

Here is a tip if you work with Laravel framework. There is a handy function to "chunk" your database query results into smaller groups of data. Very useful when doing grids in html/css or whenever you need to break up a pile of data in to smaller chunks.