🎯 You need an emoji strategy

Does your company or brand have an emoji strategy? Sounds like a goofy question, but it is relevant, since most of us use emojis in our daily communication; in texts, on Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook and in email.

Emojis are universal and international, non-language specific, but sometimes the characters has different connotations, depending on sender/receiver and (cultural) context.

Emojis are not only for teenagers, stats from Instagram say that about 50% of all captions contain at least one emoji and major brands often use them as a part of their marketing.

How can emojis be a part of your communication and marketing?

Emojis can (and should) be a part of your corporate tone of voice. They will make your message more personal and add nuance, in your own updates and in comments you make online; on various platforms, depending on your audience.

What can you benefit from using emojis?

Emojis will make your brand or company more human. See them as a way to enhance your message, making it possible to say more with less. Hopefully emojis will make conversations with your customers, clients or followers better.

Any downsides? Sometimes emojis adds a casual tone, which has to align with your overall communication strategy. Emojis can be confusing for people not used to them. And Google don’t show emojis in search results, making emoji SEO hard.

Get started

Understand your audience …and how they are using emojis. Do some research. Get fluent in emoji!

Implement a set of emojis Find a set of emojis that enhance your messages and your brand. Are you 🍌, 😂, 🐶 or 👻? Is it possible to make one single emoji ”your own”?

Interact with followers with emojis Sometimes a symbol makes it easier to talk to your audience. Try it when answering comments and questions. Start small. And slow.

You are not your company or brand Don’t transfer you personal emoji style to your business communication.

Don’t overuse emojis Just don’t.

Run A/B tests on your email newsletters Email campaigns with emoji in the subject can be more effective. Try it.

Some inspiration

There has been a lot of successful campaign, based on emoji. Here are a few of them.

Mailchimp has some great examples of using emojis in your email subjects. Campaign Monitor has a guide of email clients supporting emoji.

You can use an emoji as your Spotify username. And maybe emojis will replace your pin code some day. General Electric made science of emojis.

Some companies overdo it. In 2015 GM/Chevrolet wrote an entire press release in emoji. Goldman Sachs used emojis to address millenials on Twitter.

There also a lot of emoji products. Poop pillow, anyone?

And don’t forget to celebrate World Emoji Day, July 17. 🎉

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Embrace the emoji.